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We have listed Tropical Bamboos in the Bamboo - Tropical List page, Temperate bamboos in the Bamboo - Temperate List page, Ornamental Grasses listed in Ornamental Grasses page and the unique bamboos are listed in Unique Plants pages. We have also listed our most popular species in the Featured Bamboos page. There are more than 200 tropical bamboo varieties so, if you don't see what you're looking for on our lists, email me and I'll let you know if we have it or where you can get it.

Our stock can fluctuate greatly for each species. If we cannot immediately complete your order, we will contact you with options. Normally, orders can be filled within a reasonable period of time and we ship Mondays through Thursdays of each week (other than holidays).

If you want to order large numbers and/or large sizes of any one species of bamboo, it is sometimes necessary for us to contract-grow that species or variety. A deposit would be required, and the plants would be delivered between 6 months and three years - depending on the species and size desired.

Our Guarantee

* We want you to love bamboo as much as we do, so we offer a 90-day happy plant guarantee for our containerized plants. Plants are guaranteed to be happy when they leave the nursery; with proper establishment and a little TLC, they will continue to be happy.

Our 90-day refund or replacement guarantee applies to bamboos that have been properly planted, watered and maintained outdoors in the landscape in an appropriate tropical or subtropical climate. If a plant fails due to, or has a problem related to, a cultural factor here at the nursery, we guarantee against such problems within the 90 day window.

We will gladly correct any problems that are our fault. Credits, refunds or replacement plants will be issued when the original plant (or sometimes just a photo of the plant) has been returned to us.

We make our plants available to bamboo enthusiasts worldwide and deliver our best available plant material. We must depend on our customers to ask us if they have general cultural questions, and to research the needs of a tropical plant. We can’t guarantee anyone's green thumb, nor can we be responsible for injury (including weather-related injury).

Some examples of causes of bamboo injury or death that are not our fault:

Lack of water: This is easily the most common cause of injury poor performance or death. Irrigation must be maintained and adjusted in relation to the bamboo's needs and variable seasonal changes.

Disease or pest problems that may occur once the plants have left our nursery.

Basically, any ill-advised gardening practices and human errors that are beyond our control are not covered by any guarantee include but are not limited to: planting the bamboo outside of the recommended USDA zones (9-11 for most of them. Check the species listings on this website for zone recommendations), planting the bamboo in pots or other containers, keeping it indoors, overwatering, underwatering, fertilizer burn, pesticide or herbicide damage, and division. Please don’t try this at home!

* For our internet-order customers, the same 90 day guarantee terms apply. If you are unable to ship the plant back to us, we require photographs of the plant documenting its decline. We do our best to make sure mail-order plants arrive in good condition and have received many compliments on our packaging. If a plant has been damaged in transit All shipping costs are the sole responsibility of the customer. Shipping fees are paid to the Postal Service (or UPS/FedEx), not retained by Tropical Bamboo Nursery, and are thus non-refundable.

* For international orders, we are unable to offer any guarantee - no replacement plants or refunds. We will do our best to prepare, package, and ship plants internationally. Depending on the destination country, we will ship with a phytosanitary certificate (if required) and will ensure an import permit is obtained (if required). Once the shipment leaves the USA, all risk is assumed by the recipient.
There are way too many things that can (and often will) go wrong when shipping live plants internationally. Although we've shipped thousands of live bamboos internationally, most often with good results, the amount of prep time and overall expense is way too high for us to absorb. Please do not ask us to ship internationally if you are not willing to assume ALL of the risk.

Our Fertilizer

We now offer, by popular request, our own bamboo fertilizer.  This special mix has been formulated for use on most tropical, clumping bamboo species and has a 3 month, time release polymer coating so it only needs to be applied 3-4 X per year. Please see the Supplies page.

Payment Options

We accept Master Card, Visa, Discover, PayPal, & American Express .

Checks, should be made out and sent to Tropical Bamboo, Inc. 

Cash payments should only be made in person at the nursery.

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